The Wheel

Wheel Fun Facts:

The Wheel is 227 feet tall.

The Wheel features 40 temperature-controlled gondoals.

Each gondola can comfortably hold 6 passengers, with a total capacity of 240 passengers.

Each revolution is 3 minutes, the ride is 5 full revolutions.

The Wheel has a 13,000 light package that will light up at night. 

The Wheel has been in the works since 2013 as a grand new attraction for Atlantic City and the Steel Pier. It will bring a new light to all that Atlantic City has to offer and goes hand-in-hand with all the positive happenings in Atlantic City today.

Before The Wheel could begin to be installed, work had to go into preparing the area around the pier for the 485,000-pound giant wheel. That included: building a temporary gravel road beside the Boardwalk to lead to the Pier and bolstering the Boardwalk at the Pennsylvania Avenue street-end with thousands of wooden beams to make it strong enough to handle the weight. In late Spring to early Summer of 2017, the foundation for the structure was completed, installation of the legs and connecting parts, gondolas and more.


Check out some of our progress photos as The Wheel was being assembled.

1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401


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